American Legion Post 10 Family

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NameElected OfficeDivisionContact Info
NameElected OfficeDivisionContact Info
David Solomon 1-Commander American Legion Post Officer 541-971-6700 
Chuck Zeitler 2-1st Vice Commander American Legion Post Officer  
Dirk Tibbets 3-2nd Vice Commander American Legion Post Officer  
Rick Dominguez 4-Adjutant American Legion Post Officer 
Terry Knoll 5-Finance Officer American Legion Post Officer 
Floyd Bacon 6-Chaplain American Legion Post Officer 
VACANT  Historian American Legion Post Officer  
Rick Dominguez Jr Past Commander American Legion Post Officer  
Frank Perry Post Judge Advocate American Legion Post Officer  
Bill Willkinson Sergeant at Arms American Legion Post Officer 
Bud Stutheit Veteran's Service Officer American Legion Post Officer  
Ed Groves 1 Year Member Executive Board  
Marland Rice 2 Year Member Executive Board 
Terry Knowles 3 Year Member Executive Board  
David Solomon Co-Commander Honor Guard  
Bob Griffin Commander Honor Guard (541) 619-0520 
Marland Rice 2 Year Member (Legionnaire) House Committee  
Charlie McCarthy 3 Year Member (Legionnaire) House Committee  
Chuck Zeitler American Legion Riders (ALR) House Committee 
Marland Rice Chair (Legionnaire) House Committee  
VACANT Commander Appointee (Legionnaire) House Committee  
Betty Barrett Ladies Auxiliary Unit 10 House Committee  
Bill Wilkinson Sons of the American Legion (SAL) House Committee  
Penny McCarthy 1-President Ladies Auxiliary Unit 10 
Sherry Conn 2-Vice President Ladies Auxiliary Unit 10 
Michelle Wilkinson 3-Secretary/Treasurer Ladies Auxiliary Unit 10 
Vicki Kindred & Kellie Christoson 4-Chaplain Ladies Auxiliary Unit 10 
Penny McCarthy Membership Chair Ladies Auxiliary Unit 10 
Marilyn LeMasters Sergeant at Arms Ladies Auxiliary Unit 10  
Charlie McCarthy 1-Director Legion Riders Post 10 (ALR) (541) 510-7582 
Clay Thompson 2-Vice Director Legion Riders Post 10 (ALR)  
Penny McCarthy 3-Secretary Legion Riders Post 10 (ALR) 
Penny McCarthy 4-Treasurer Legion Riders Post 10 (ALR) 
Chuck Zeitler & David Solomon 5-Chaplain Legion Riders Post 10 (ALR)  
Charlie McCarthy Flag Line Coordinator Legion Riders Post 10 (ALR) (541) 510-7582 
Dale Brown - Supporter Historian Legion Riders Post 10 (ALR) 
Al Moretz Road Captain Legion Riders Post 10 (ALR)  
Sandy Tilton Safety Officer/Road Captain Legion Riders Post 10 (ALR)  
Nicky Colo'n Sergeant at Arms Legion Riders Post 10 (ALR)  
Allan Solomon 1-Commander Sons of the American Legion (SAL)  
Jeremy Jones 2-1st Vice Commander Sons of the American Legion (SAL)  
 3-2nd Vice Commander Sons of the American Legion (SAL)  
Bill Wilkinson 4-Adjutant Sons of the American Legion (SAL) 
Bill Wilkinson 5-Finance Officer Sons of the American Legion (SAL)  
Chuck Zeitler 6-Chaplain Sons of the American Legion (SAL)  
Vacant Historian Sons of the American Legion (SAL)  
James Merrill Sergeant at Arms Sons of the American Legion (SAL)  
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