Commander's Corner

       A Message from Post Commander, Bill Wilkinson

"American Legion Post 10, this is Bill, how may I help you?"

  Greetings to  the Post 10 Family!  It's July already!

First of all, I would like to thank everyone that volunteers at the Post.  You guys are amazing and we just couldn’t do our “job” without your help!

Volunteers - Take Thursday, July 4th off.  The Post will be closed and you deserve a day off!

Now, I’m climbing up on my soapbox!

I send out over 700 newsletters every month and I’m not sure how many of you actually read it!  I ask for your ideas and thoughts on how to make “YOUR” Post better, and never get any responses from you.  Hmm, don’t you care any more?  You do pay your dues and I thank you for that, but we still need your help!

The Post 10 Honor Guard is all but dead!  They need a new Honor Guard Commander and the people to make it work!  I’ve had to ask other Posts to provide Honor Guard people and that is just not right!  Working with the other Posts is great, but Post 10 should be able to provide enough people for a Firing Squad or a Color Guard!

As you know, I took over as Commander last October.  I know a lot of you were dissatisfied with the old command and stopped coming to the Post, but all that has changed now.  We, the Post 10 Family, are working together again, but still, you aren’t coming back to the Post!  Why?  I just don’t know.  You won’t talk!  We still need a Post Finance Officer - we keep asking, but no one will step up!  With only about 15 members showing up for the monthly meeting, it is hard to get someone to take on new or even more responsibilities than they already have.

Come to a meeting or just come talk to me - see what we are doing now.  Please and I hope to see you at the Post very soon.  


Bill Wilkinson, Commander

Bill Wilkinson Commander, Post 10