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The following links will take you to other sites that may provide you with more information on the American Legion and its many programs.

American Legion - National

American Legion Auxiliary

American Legion Riders - Oregon

American Legion - Sons of

There are also links to help veterans and their families find access to information regarding benefits  and resources that they may not be aware of.

Oregon Department of Veterans Affairs

US Department of Veterans Affairs

Wounded Warrior Project

Veterans Crisis Line

Portland VA Medical Center

eBenefits - Veterans Administration

Make the Connection

Create the perfect Military to Civilian Resume

Mesothelioma Guide for Veterans

Treat Mesothelioma

Returning Veterans Project

Medicare resource for veterans.  - An extra resource to assist veterans with many of the special benefits and programs they have access to.   - a comprehensive guide that explains various VA benefits, focusing on those applicable to seniors. This guide offers valuable insights into utilizing VA benefits to meet long-term care needs. It outlines eligibility requirements and provides a step-by-step application process to determine available options for financing their healthcare needs. - Veteran's guide to paying for long-term care.

American Legion or VFW? — What is the difference between the two organizations?

Vets Helping Vets HQ — Vets Helping Vets HQ assist veterans with obtaining military records and benefits.

Vets-pass your precious metals to heirs  - Help veterans and their families make their will and plan an estate. Specifically, how veterans can pass their precious metals to their heirs.  -  Resource for active-duty service members who require storage units.  - A guide specifically for US Veterans who are in the process of starting or currently own a small business.   - Military & Veteran Student Loan Forgiveness Programs  - Not all veterans are aware of the many financial options that are available to them so we've created a page dedicated to the men and women who have served our country. It features a wide range of topics related to veterans' financial literacy.  - This guide focuses on such items as careers in truck driving, information regarding technicians and mechanics, obtaining CDLs, and ways to pay for school. - Assistive technology toolkit for veterans with PTSD - 25 Motorcycle Safety Tips - A Guide for Movies for Vets, War films that are the most realistic & accurate. Underrated & often unseen war films and more. - Veteran resources for families with special needs. - Guide to Choosing a Trade Career for Returning Service Members - VETERAN'S LAST PATROL, Serving Veterans By Bringing New Friends to Veterans in Hospice. - a guide that educates about the risk of substance abuse in military veterans. - a detailed website for military and merchant mariners alike.